against Hail, Rain
and Sunlight

Our weather changes...

The changes in weather conditions are becoming bigger and more extreme

Whether this is related to climate change or not, fact is that our weather conditions are changing. The changes in weather conditions are becoming bigger and more extreme. This trend will continue into the future.

The risk of damage to your open field crop or even losing your crop completely is increasing. To eliminate the risk of hail storms, intense sunlight or rain on your fruit, trees or cultivated plants, APS Holland is developing systems to cover your open field crop. Our Automatic Hail Net system has been tested extensively in real life circumstances and has been introduced on the market. Our Automatic Rain and Sun Covers are in the development stage and being prepared for market introduction.

Protect your crop with our system

We protect your crop and your bottom line!

The company’s specific knowledge about screens inside the greenhouse has since been brought into the open air and applied in the open-field cultivation of trees and fruit. After four years of development and testing with our partners in practice, we introduced the Automatic Hail Net System at the 2106 edition of the GreenTech trade fair in Amsterdam as our first automatic system. Together with our partners, we are continuously engaged in the further development of our systems.

Bert Strikkers