The automatic protection system

Each part in our system has been evaluated on its functionality, performance and durability to create a reliable system with low maintenance cost. Professional installation guarantees the proper functioning of the APS. The long standing and international professional experience of Fruit Security assures our systems are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. Periodic maintenance closes the loop to protect your crop and your yield.

There are several static (or non-automated) systems to protect against hail, sunlight or rain. The focus of APS Holland is on Automatic Protection Systems. Systems that are dynamic; that can be partially or completely opened and closed automatically without any additional labour. This way our customers are able to determine the optimal conditions for their crop using remote control devices like for example a mobile phone. In case there is no electricity available like in remote areas, Solar power panels and a battery pack provide the necessary energy to open and close the system. For this we use special low voltage motors. To illustrate: one special low voltage motor can close a hail net of 5000 sqm in about 7 minutes completely. In case regular electrical power is available one motor can close much bigger surfaces.

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Protection against hail

The effect of Hail on plants and trees, on cars or other valuable assets can be devastating. APS Holland Hail Systems provide optimal protection against hail while giving you the flexibility of opening or closing your system whenever you want.


Protection against rain

Rain coverings are especially suitable for soft fruits like cherries, raspberries, blueberries and other berry fruits. The APS Holland automatic rain cover provides protection against rain when required and can also be opened for maximum exposure to air and light.


Protection against sunlight

In large areas of our globe the SUN is really intense. Often this coincides with a shortage of precious water. APS Holland Shading Systems provide protection against direct sunlight and unwanted evaporation of precious water.

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